Ensuring the BEST Score!

Do you want to ensure a high score  in the PTE- Academic test? If your answer is affirmative, then read on:


  • The first practice tip for your speaking component is reading out aloud. When reading aloud, remember to focus on punctuation marks as the resulting pause helps separate the text into significant pieces and provide better context and meaning.
  • You are allowed time to go through the text before the recording process begins. When you read the text, remember to stress the words that carry important information.
  • Include several important points, and do not repeat ideas or hesitate to speak as it will decrease your speaking time.
  • Do not pause for more than 3 seconds as the recording will stop automatically after it. This means you will not be able to give your answer, and lose marks.


  • When embarking on writing task, remember to use suitable punctuation marks like full stops and commas. It is important to note that the word count should not be exceed the maximum or fall below the minimum specified limit by more than 5 and 75 words. This will affect the outcome and may not give  a good score.
  • You must provide your response in one sentence. Therefore, you should use complex or compound sentence to summarise the main point of the passage and provide the supporting details as well.
  • When writing an essay, these four areas are important to focus as it will help you to approach the task better, and structure your essay effectively
  • 1. Note key words
  • 2. Find the topic
  • 3. Find key points
  • 4. Find point of view to present
  • You must also focus on the content of your answer. Reading through and analysing the essay quickly is an important factor in order to write a good piece of work.


  • Read the passage carefully, and focus on the key words as it will give you an idea on what the text is all about. This will help you sift through the text and  locate the main idea of the text and find answers quickly.
  • Improve your grammar and vocabulary skills as it will help you to skim read the reading sections.
  • Search for the words that are repeated in the text. This will be useful to find the answers promptly.


  • Check your punctuation and ensure the spellings are correct. Strengthen your  grammar, spelling and vocabulary skills.
  • Always remember to allocate an extra minute or two after you have finished writing in order to check subject/verb agreement, tenses and word order.
  • It is better to note down important points and the main idea while listening to the recording. This will help you to make quick reference to  essential supporting points which are imperative to achieving a good score.
  • All this and more is covered in the RGIT PTE-A Class! Stay tuned for the free sessions to learn more!