english language appeal
english language appeal

With the popularity of social media platforms, the abbreviation of words have become the norm. For instance, TQ for Thank You, WC for Welcome, ATM for At the Moment are the most common ones opted by the smart phone generation or Gen Y . Similarly, Twitter with its word limitations of 140 characters also restricts users to express themselves elaborately.

As I take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, I remember putting in my best effort in everything I did, whether it was writing letters or writing essays in high-school. We learnt vocabulary, spellings, and Grammar rules by heart and tried to avoid mistakes. Such was the charm of English then, however, with the advancement in technology, now everyone has a smartphone with autocorrect features, and English seems to have lost its beauty.

Today’s generation seems to be more comfortable in expressing themselves through emoticons and abbreviations than the use of words.

While this translates into time efficiency and made expression easier, it also has a converse effect of confining feelings and emotions with the resulting brevity of words. I believe that this will have a detrimental effect on the language that could lead to loss of importance of words and expressions and impact our day to day communication as well.

Therefore, a good command of English is necessary to develop both written and oral communication skills. In order to improve fluency and command over the language, Grammar, spelling, vocabulary and pronunciation are the main factors that needs to be mastered. PTE Academic is one such course that addresses these macro skills.

PTE Academic is an English test  used currently for Australian visa application purpose. PTE Academic is widely accepted by all Australian universities, as well as by professional associations and state government departments. If you are interested to know more about the course, please contact the RGIT PTE Team at [email protected] You can also call or text us at 0478003440.


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