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Pearson Test of English (PTE) has emerged as a popular choice for the test takers who need to demonstrate their English proficiency for various purposes. PTE has been able to gain recognition from different professional accreditation bodies, immigration department of Australia, New Zealand and the UK and almost all universities in Melbourne.

PTE is completely computer based, thus without any human intervention, factors as cultural or personal bias are totally eliminated. It is completed in single 3 hours sitting and the results are typically obtained within 5 business days.

Achieving your target PTE score is easy when you have the right tips and tricks. International student, Natphatthra(Sand), is just one example of a PTE Course Melbourne student who achieved well above her target score.


Natphatthra’s Journey: PTE Course in Melbourne!

Our student -Natphatthra (Sand) signed up with us with hardly any time to spare. With only one week of training, Sand’s trainer knew the best approach.

“I took one week of PTE training for two hours a day,” says Sand. “My trainer told me upfront that I had to work harder than other students because of the small timeframe. I did my homework, practised, and came back prepared.”

“What helped were the smaller class sizes,” she says. “Our trainer always made sure that everybody was getting enough attention.”

Like many students, this was Sand’s first time with PTE, but not with other English-language proficiency tests.

“I have to give a big credit to the trainer. Solving a problem is hard when you don’t know the formula. Nevertheless, once you know the formula, you can use those strategies, and it gives you a lot of ideas. If you do not know how to go about it, it is easy to get lost. PTE is not just English, it is also a lot about the strategy,” she says.

“My trainer was awesome and friendly. He gave me all the tips and tricks to achieve my target score.”

“I have taken other English language tests, but PTE is the easiest one. What is surprising to me is that I realised that many of my friends do not know about PTE. They asked me if it is good, which is when I realised that PTE is still a hidden gem of standardized English proficiency tests.”

Sand only realised how good her skillset was becoming with PTE Course Melbourne after speaking with one of her friends who was also studying PTE.

“I was discussing ideas with my friend, a girl, who had applied for the PTE exam recently, on how we can get a good score. So, I was telling her some tips and tricks that my trainer told me, but I realised that the details which my trainer gave me were much more. She had been studying for a month already, but she did not know as much as I knew about how to go about it. That made me realise what a good decision I had made by studying at PTE Course Melbourne.”

About Our PTE Course in Melbourne:

Our PTE course is designed to address all the question types and the strategies to obtain the maximum possible score. The lab exercises and mock tests will ensure plenty of hands-on practice and live exam simulation so that the students have a good idea of what is expected of them in the actual test. A one-on-one session before the test day would be offered to provide feedback and guidance to the students. PTE Course Melbourne boasts of a trainer who has scored a perfect score of 90 in the first attempt.

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