PTE Speaking

The PTE Speaking module tests your conversational English speaking skills. The time given to this section is 77-93 minutes (including both speaking and writing modules).

The key to success in this module is to practice your everyday conversational skills in the English language. 

These are the five major PTE Speaking Test tasks:

  1. Read Aloud
    • Contains questions that demand long-answer speaking item type.
    • Tests your ability to read a short text aloud using correct pronunciation and intonation.
    • It assesses your reading as well as speaking skills.
    • It contains 6-7 items.
    • Scoring is partial credit for this section.
  2. Repeat Sentence
    • Contains questions that require short spoken-answer responses.
    • This section tests your ability to understand and remember a sentence, and then repeat the sentence exactly as you hear it using correct pronunciation.
    • This section assesses both your speaking and listening skills.
    • It contains 10-12 items.
    • Scoring is partial credit for this section.
  3. Describe Image
    • You will be asked to describe an image displayed on the screen.
    • The trick is to organize all points which need to be spoken about so that you can organize your answer for better scores.
    • It contains 6-7 items.
    • Scoring is partial credit for this section.
  4. Re-tell lecture
    • Here you will be asked to summarize the information in a given lecture.
    • The lecture may be accompanied by an image which will add information to the context.
    • It contains 3-4 items.
    • Scoring is partial credit for this section.
  5. Answer short question
    • In this section, you will be asked a question based on the presentation in form of recording.
    • You are required to provide a correct – short and concise – answer to the question.
    • No scores are awarded for an incorrect response or no response.

For each of the tasks in the PTE Speaking section, your score is based on three factors:

  • Reading and Speaking frequency,
  • Oral Fluency,
  • Assessment of pronunciation and content.

Speaking item types require you to respond orally using fluent speech, correct intonation, stress and pronunciation that are easily understandable to the majority of regular English speakers.

As a rule of thumb, effective speaking requires attention to the five areas listed below:

  1. Fluency and Cohesion
  2. Organization
  3. Listener’s needs
  4. Command of the language
  5. Appropriate intonation and stress pattern.

We will discuss further about PTE Speaking module here at PTE Course Melbourne, so be sure to check out our blogs on a weekly basis. 

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