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You have prepared for all the modules –  reading, speaking, listening and writing. You probably also have completed multiple practice tests and now finally, the test day is here. The moment of reckoning has arrived. Although you have done your homework, you may be feeling slightly nervous. No worries, we are here to help!

Here are some general PTE Tips you can (and should) use on test day:

  • Remain Calm! It’s important to remain calm. Try meditating – be it for 5 minutes, it will focus your attention and prepare you for the test.
  • Remain Grounded! Don’t fall into the trap of overconfidence though, you need to stay sharp. Remember, it is a big test and you don’t want all your preparation to be for nothing. Be mindful and remind yourself of the tips to tackle each type of question ( whatever you can remember ) just at the right time!
  • Be a Realist, Be aware of your weak areas even if you have not satisfactorily improved in them by the test day. Knowing your weaknesses will be an advantage because if you don’t perform well on those items, you will still be on your game – safe in the knowledge that your strength lies in other questions!
    • FYI, This is what we here at PTE Course Melbourne call conscious learning!
  • Take-a-break! You have practiced enough in the days leading up to the test. A day before the test day is time to relax your mind, lighten up the mood and stop self-criticism.
  • Be on time! Reach your test center at least 20 – 25 minutes before the test time. You don’t want to go into the test with a rushed mindset.
  • Don’t Forget This: Make sure you have carried your ID proof (best bet – your passport) before leaving for the test.
  • Eat & yes – that! Feed yourself adequately and use the restroom before going into the test if possible. Once you start your test, its show time and you don’t want any distractions what-so-ever.
  • Mike Test – literally! Once you are seated, make sure your devices like mouse, keyboard, headphones (and mike :D) are working properly. Adjust your seat, feel comfortable.
  • Revise, You may finish a question or even the whole test early – don’t leave just yet – your boyfriend can wait for 10 more minutes:). Use this time to check for typos, capital letters, punctuation marks and repetition words.
  • Last but not the least – be mindful of the time. The test provides a timer on your screen, be vigilant of the passage of time. Pace yourself accordingly.

Bonus: This one is more of an everyday tip, but we still included it here – develop a habit to speak, read, listen and think in English. Do this for every day of the week leading up to your test day and you will see how easy it gets to communicate in English eventually.

Now that you know the basic things to take care of, go smash that test. If you want more PTE tips, read some of our other blog posts about individual PTE modules. And don’t forget to share this article with your friends – because they’re worth it ;).


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