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About Rajnish Taujale

Rajnish’s affinity with PTE began with him achieving a near prefect score when he took the test for his Australian Permanent Residency application. It was required for his Australian Permanent Residency application and Rajnish achieved a near perfect score!

It provided me with 20 points, the maximum amount possible, for the English proficiency component of my PR application. So, I do owe one to PTE.”

Since then, Rajnish has gone on to use his skills and in-depth knowledge of PTE training to help friends and students alike achieve their own target score.

It’s a good idea to ask for tips and tricks for the exam from someone who has done well in it. Since I have personally taken the test, I am able to give suggestions, create a sound study plan, and provide necessary guidance for success in the test.


Rajnish has been a professional trainer in PTE Course Melbourne since 2017, passing on his knowledge and expertise with enthusiasm and attention to detail to those seeking to master the test. Sharing the hallmarks of any good teacher, Rajnish loves seeing students succeed.

Seeing students succeed provides me with a sense of satisfaction. It makes me happy knowing that I’m making a difference in people’s lives by helping them achieve their target score. Whether it is helping students study for visa applications, enrolment at the university, or helping them gain professional accreditation.